3 Best Astrology Readings in 2021

Astrology Readings have been getting increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, 30% of Americans said they believe in astrology and horoscopes. While most people know what their zodiac signs are, not many can use it to bring about positive changes in their life. That’s why we have put together this article on the 3 … Read more

The Astrological Houses – their Importance and Meanings

The zodiac wheel is a circle (signifying no start and no end) divided into twelve sections called houses that represent different areas of life. Every house offers a house for the worlds residing there– considering that world a place to act out its specific energy. The horizontal line that links the 1st and 7 home … Read more

The 4 Zodiac Elements and their Hidden Influence

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. This is not only an introductory phrase into a dream book or film. These zodiac elements are also an essential base to contemporary astrology. Their meanings change, and they affect each sign — and individual — greatly. You will know that there are 12 signs of the zodiac, but do you … Read more

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